Tourism creates perspectives! We have decades of expertise in how to strengthen the potentials of tourism and minimise negative side effects. In our various projects we critically and constructively deal with the opportunities, risks and responsibility involved in tourism related development. In this context, we

  • publish the series “SympathieMagazine“, consisting of booklets on countries, religions, and specific topics.
  • are engaged in research and consultancy and publish a series of research papers on tourism and development ("Schriftenreihe für Tourismus und Entwicklung“).
  • conduct seminars and/or intercultural trainings for tour guides.
  • organise international contests such as the “TO DO Award“ and the “TO DO Award Human Rights in Tourism“
  • organise discussion rounds such as the “Ammerlander Talks“ (“Ammerlander Gespräche”) and “ITB Interjections“ (“ZwischenRufe”).