What could be more inspiring than reading stories about the lives of people around the globe? About their peculiarities, preferences and hardships, how they manage their every day lives, or how they celebrate festivals. About history, religion, culture, and politics in their countries. The series “SympathieMagazine“ already encompasses more than 50 country booklets, booklets on the world religions as well as on specific topics, e.g. on development, globalisation, environment, countries and their people, and human rights – a 50 year old success formula which has won several awards. The “SympathieMagazin” booklets are a plea for a travel culture of encounter, respect, and mutual learning. These guide books of a slightly different kind are not only exciting, but also a perfect introduction and preparation for the next holiday. Let’s be honest: How much of ignorance, prejudices, and stereotypes do we usually carry with us while travelling?

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