Ammerlander Gespräche

Where will the journey take us – are we still in charge or have we become pawns? There is hardly any sector that may so easily be influenced by trends or unpredictable events. It is not only source markets, destinations and travel flows that keep changing. Digitalisation, for example, alters the booking and travel behaviour of an entire generation. Political developments or terrorist attacks can remove destinations from tour operators’ brochures for a long time.

In our annual event ”Ammerlander Talks“ we have since 1994 addressed hot and burning issues in tourism development. The Talks are supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and others. Apart from open exchange of experiences among participants, they are also about the search for practical solutions. Improvements in tourism need dialogue and cooperation of all stakeholders, especially in cases of conflicts of interest that require mediation. The changing circle of participants consists of representatives of the tourism industry, politics, and media. Since 2008, it also includes parliamentarians from parliamentary committees which tackle issues linked to tourism. We bring together different players in tourism.