A Controlled World of Tourism?
The Power and Influence of Digital Platforms

The digital transformation penetrates all sectors almost incomprehensibly fast. In all parts of the world. This is especially evident in tourism where the power and influence of digital platforms – beyond classic reservation systems – is setting the pace.
Indeed, new possibilities which never existed before are opening up to consumers. On the one hand, spontaneous hotel bookings or the search for some other kind of accommodation in a foreign country or city 24/7 has become as normal as booking a flight or train ticket on a smartphone. Including cashless payment. In addition, reviews and blogs published online seem to help in decision-making, point out advantages and disadvantages, warn against negative surprises or, on the positive side, spread the respective recommendations, tips, or advice.
On the other hand, hardly any consumers know that so-called artificial intelligence (AI) is in the process of being able to influence travel behaviour either by determining prices or by controlling allotments through self-coordinating and/or learning algorithms. Combined with personal data that people have revealed online themselves.

Andreas Stopp,Journalist, Deutschlandfunk

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