TOURA D’OR 2017: Three Productions Win Popular Film Award

Two documentaries and one magazine and service contribution show examples of sustainable tourism. Encounters and intercultural dialogue are key messages

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Seefeld, 21/02/2017 – This year’s TOURA D’OR 2017 international awards for outstanding film and TV productions on sustainable tourism will be awarded for two documentaries and one magazine and service contribution. Since 1990, the TOURA D’OR has been organised biennially. It is awarded for films and TV productions which promote a kind of tourism that minimises negative impacts on people, societies, cultures and nature in tourist destinations. The films provide tourists with orientation and guidance for adequate and thoughtful behaviour towards the countries, cultures, religions and ways of life that people in tourist destinations have chosen. This year’s awards go to:

“Mare Nostrum – A Concert. A Journey.” (“Mare Nostrum – Ein Konzert. Eine Reise.“)

(Category Informational Films and Documentaries)
by Michelle Brun, Stefan Haupt (Vivante Productions, 57 minutes, 2015)

“Close to Heaven – The Rice Terraces of the Philippines“ (“Dem Himmel nah – Die Reisterrassen auf den Philippinen“)
(Category Informational Films and Documentaries)
by Antje Christ (Christ Media, 44 minutes, 2015)

“Erlebnisreisen Schweiz – Unterwegs mit dem Postbus“ (“Travel to Experience Switzerland – Travelling by Postbus“)
(Category Magazine and Service Contributions)
by Karl Waldhecker and Andreas Michels (WDR, 34 minutes, 2015)

The two documentaries and the magazine contribution fulfil the Toura d‘or contest criteria in an exceptional manner: They promote looking behind the tourism scene and encourage encounters with local people. Apart from mere information, the films create empathetic ways of looking at the life situations of people from different cultural contexts and provide positive examples of socially responsible, sustainable travel.

The films contribute to a better understanding of every day realities – but at the same time ask for the individual responsibility of tourists for this form of sustainable travel. According to the jury’s award rationales, the prize winners succeed in breaking up stereotypes. The films encourage viewers to also continue their engagement with the countries described and with the concrete situations of intercultural encounters.

In this sense, the three films awarded with this year’s TOURA D’OR are not classic travelogues. Rather, they provide evidence of successful encounters at different levels: between people, cultures, values, and religions. The films leave impressions thanks to surprising insights and knowledge gained as well as their approaches to socially responsible travel that all tourists may decide to adopt.

The TOURA D‘OR! 2017 award ceremony with take place on Saturday 11th March, 2017 at 2:00 pm on the main stage in hall 4.1 at ITB Berlin. Representatives of all the film productions to be awarded will be present and will receive the awards. The laudatory speech will be held by Susanne Götze, PhD, vice editor-in-chief at and free lance journalist.

Since 1990, the TOURA D‘OR! Film Contest for Sustainable Tourism has been announced and organised biennially by the Institute for Tourism and Development (Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung e.V.). It is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and ITB Berlin. Cooperation partners include the Commissioner for Integration of the Federal State of Brandenburg, Non-profit Educational Programme North-South-Network of the Confederation of German Trade Unions, Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service, Staff Department Media, Archbishopric Cologne, the German Human Rights Film Award, Naturefriends International, and ZDF - Second German Television.

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